Pet Insurance is not a new, it has been around for some time. Not many pet owners think about it until something happens to their pet and they find themselves with a Vet’s bill that is quite large or their pet may need an operation and a stay in the animal hospital that they cannot afford.

I was fortunate to find a book called Pet Insurance Secrets Revealed and it helped me enormously with what to look for and what to ask when I was shopping for my pet’s health insurance.

Like any insurance policy you need to do some research.

*What type of cover is available?

*Will it cover a visit to the Vet for the regular check-ups?

*What about if there is surgery involved and a stay in the animal hospital for your pet?

*Will that be covered in total or will you have to pay a percentage? Read the rest of this entry

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The pet insurance market has exploded! Dozens of pet insurance companies are popping up all over the web. When looking to provide health coverage for your pet, questions arise. Should I invest in pet insurance? How much will I really use it? Is it worth the financial investment? What’s covered? What’s not? What is my pet’s current health status and will that affect my rates? I have 4 dogs; that’s a lot of money for insurance each year! Does insurance only cover certain types of pets? Is there any other choice for protecting my pet? You may have already started the process in researching the various companies out there, and if you haven’t thought about it yet, I’ll guarantee you will think about it now.

When choosing a pet insurance policy for your four-legged family member, there is a lot of research ahead of you. Each insurance company may not offer the same exact product for pet health care coverage, but the vast majority will be similar with their plans available and only cover cats and dogs. They will sing songs about their coverage and the peace of mind it brings. The reality a pet owner faces is that the costly quote they are given when they apply, comes with many stipulations. The money spent each year to have full coverage for your pet seems to be wasted each time the insurance company informs that the pet’s health condition is pre-existing or a hereditary flaw and will not be covered. In some cases, pet insurance companies will deny coverage because of the pet’s health records, which will be required when claims are submitted. Common problems policy holders face are among waiting weeks for a claim to be paid, and being unsure how much of that claim will be reimbursed based on an insurance company’s fee schedule. Policy holders also have to meet deductibles before claims are paid. Hopes that your rates won’t increase too much each year your pet ages, or that the insurance company won’t drop your pet all together, doesn’t sound like much peace of mind! It becomes a frustration and a dead end which will cost more money. Read the rest of this entry

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A person would like to enjoy his life to the fullest but somewhere in the corner of his heart there is a constant worry about the future. If given a choice we would all like to make sure that we have sufficient funds and means to take care of contingencies and any emergency situation that may occur. Insurance is one such sure shot method of preparing for unforeseen circumstances that may require a substantial amount of money at a short notice. We have insured our lives, our properties and every conceivable asset has some kind of insurance attached with it. When we are providing such security for our valuables maybe we should also give our pets the security of insurance. A pet insurance can make sure that your pet gets the best medical attention and health care at all times.

Many online websites are also venturing into the area of providing pet insurance online. The pet owner has the convenience of simply logging onto such a pet insurance online site and checking out all the plans available under insurance schemes for various pets. Irrespective of the age, breed and gender of your pet, you are sure to find a pet insurance online plan that suits your budget and fulfills all the health insurance requirements of your beloved pet. Even routine health check ups for the pet which include the regular vaccinations and minor medications are included under the health insurance plans. Pet care and a good vet can cost a good amount of money, so the insurance will insure that the owner can manage the finances easily. Read the rest of this entry

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A pet offers us unconditional love and affection and in turn we think that just by providing them with meals on time, grooming and a regular bout of exercise, we are offering them a great life. However, not many pet owners plan a budget for their pet each month. Often we form a rough estimate about the kind of expenses that we bear because of our pets and accordingly keep aside that amount.

A medical emergency can; therefore, completely take the pet owner by surprise, especially since pet care and treatment is becoming more and more expensive with progress in the veterinary care field. Pets can now be treated for serious diseases which require treatment like a kidney transplant or perhaps a hip replacement, but such treatment is very expensive. In such circumstances a veterinary pet insurance can take care of all your expenses on the pet and allows you to provide the very best care for the beloved animal.

The best reference for a veterinary pet insurance is through your pet’s vet or through other pet owners who have insured their pet Also, the yellow pages and the internet are good sources of information through which you could shortlist a company providing veterinary pet insurance. The selection of the insurance plan should be done keeping in mind the category, gender, age, breed and health of the pet The insurance not only provides coverage for regular situations like the disease or illness of a pet but also for accidents. Many unpredictable situations may also be covered under the insurance provided you choose a scheme that has a provision for such unexpected circumstances. Read the rest of this entry

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