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1-800-Pet-Insurance is the #1 place to compare pet insurance plans and companies for your dog or cat.

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Anybody who has a pet is likely to adore it and treat it as a member of their family; they are important and also expensive. Unfortunately medical treatment and also other mishaps can be expensive and for this reason many people choose to take out medical insurance. Pet insurance is actually older than many people may realise, the first policy was actually underwritten in 1980. British people are well known for loving their pets and many households have them, in 2009 Britain became the second highest country to take out pet insurance, behind Sweden. Out of all pet owners in the UK, 23% have pet insurance; this may be due to the worry of vet bills, due to the pet being valuable or rare or for many other reasons.

10 reasons your pet insurance will fail you: When taking out pet insurance you should be aware that there are likely to be some exclusions which are not covered within a policy. These exclusions are the typical ones although each providers’s policy should be checked; the exclusions are likely to include:

* Illness which arises within the first thirty days of a policy being taken out, this often applies to many insurance policies in relation to any claims being made.

* Illnesses or conditions which arise due to pregnancy or the process of giving birth.

* Animals, mainly dogs which are registered under the Dangerous Animals Act 1976 or the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, any policy which is found to breach these acts will be immediately be classed as void and illegal
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If you are a pet owner, purchasing pet health insurance is a very valuable asset to have to help offset any medical expenses that sure pet incurs during the year. Pet insurance is not a new concept; people have been purchasing it for years and saving money on health care of their pets. Here are a few of my pet insurance tips that could save you money each year.

Although it might seem like an unnecessary expense, your pet is no different than a family member. Sometimes we get hurt and need medical attention. With the ever rising costs of veterinary bills, it is good to have some help paying the vet after services are rendered. If you think about it, you would never consider going without health insurance for your family, so why should your pet be any different?

A good thing to know is that not only has the quality of animal health insurance improved dramatically over the years since it was first offered in the 80′s. Like all businesses, pet health insurance companies are in business to make money. The fees have gone up, but the coverage on many of the pet insurance policies now covers so much more than they did in the beginning. Read the rest of this entry

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