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The relationships we share with our pets are often irreplaceable. Their companionship and constant presence can be both soothing and invigorating. Unfortunately, pets suffer health issues and occasionally require costly medical attention in the same way people do. When an emergency occurs and it becomes necessary to visit the veterinarian, many owners are stunned by the costs of performing tests and procedures. If they are unable to afford it, the alternative can be heartbreaking. Pet insurance was created to provide owners with an alternative.

Today’s article will focus on how this unique breed of coverage works. We’ll describe what you can expect after investing in a policy for your dog and how it can reduce the costs of veterinary care.

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Have you ever considered purchasing pet insurance? With pet health expenses rising, here are the best reasons to purchase health insurance.

You can’t afford NOT to have pet health insurance. Unless you are prepared to drop a potentially large sum of money for a pet emergency, then you would be wise to take a serious look at pet health insurance. Most veterinary practices require payment in full at time of service. No payment plan!
Just over a decade ago there were only a few pet insurance companies to choose from, and the policies had few options. Now with dozens of companies offering a variety of affordable plans and options, you now have choices that are affordable for pet owners in any situation.
Multiple Pet Discounts:
Think you cannot possibly afford pet insurance because you own more than one pet? Multiple pet discounts are now available through many of the popular pet insurance companies today.
Peace of Mind:

Your pet is a priceless part of your life and there is nothing you wouldn’t do for him! This is a sentiment shared by many pet parents, but if you don’t have the available funds set aside for emergencies, then you may be forced someday to make choices based on your budget instead of your best friend. Pet health insurance buys that peace of mind you need.
The Odds Are Not in Your Favor:

Your pet may be in excellent health today, but statistically pets have about a one-in-three chance of becoming seriously ill or suffering a serious injury during their lifetime. This can lead to unexpected veterinary expenses. Planning ahead will help you prepare for the unexpected.
The costs of veterinary services are on a steady incline. A medical service that was $500 a year ago could be as much as 10% to 20% higher this year and will likely continue to rise each year as more advanced medical tests and services continue to become available to consumers.
Longer life Expectancy:
Pets are living longer lives due to better at-home care and better veterinary care now available to them. Insurance options for senior pets can be added to some plans with select pet insurance companies. The longer life expectancy of pets can lead to more frequent visits to the veterinarian to maintain good health throughout the year.
Convenient and disciplined budgeting:
If you’re not self-disciplined enough to put money aside every month in a separate savings account for your pet, then you need to consider pet health insurance. A variety of monthly payment options are available through most pet insurance companies. Find a policy or plan that works with your household budget and meets your pet’s needs.

Do your homework. Make a list of your pet insurance needs and shop around. Read the information available to you on the internet, then narrow down your list and make phone calls to personally interview any pet insurance company you may be considering.

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Most pet owners do what they can to provide for their family pets and are beginning to cover them under pet insurance programs to help offset the costs of medical bills when needed. Pet insurance is very similar to insuring your spouse and kids for regular checkups or doctor visits when they run into health issues.

However, in some cases, older pet insurance may be difficult to find if your dog or cat reaches a certain age or has a pre-existing condition like cancer. Premiums may be too high and not provide enough adequate coverage for the pet when the health situations occur.

Many responsible pet owners will do everything in their power to help their family pet through health issues and disease prevention when at all possible. Unfortunately, insuring older pets may not be the best course of action if the premiums become cost prohibitive and too restricted when the animal meets a certain age.

Insurance companies have to manage their risk and exposure to paying out large amounts of money which in some cases could be in the thousands of dollars if the animal is going through cancer treatment or surgery.

In summary, getting insurance for older pets may be harder than you think. If you do find a company willing to cover your older dog or cat, the costs and restrictions may not be worth the effort, so check your policy and ensure you know exactly what they will and will not cover before you have to use them.

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If you love dogs or cats, you know you will do anything you can to keep them healthy and safe over the course of their life, especially when they are older. Low cost pet insurance is a way to help supplement vet bills when the unforeseen health situation arises. In the United Kingdom, the RSPCA pet insurance program adds a creative twist to their plans.

RSPCA or the “Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” is the organization in the United Kingdom that has been established to protect animals from cruelty and abuse. Their vision is “to ensure all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom”.

Like any organization devoted to the protection of animals, they rely on private donations and other forms of charitable contributions to realize their vision. With that in mind, they have created a unique way to promote an idea for pet owners as well as a way to fund efforts in saving more animals.

RSPCA Pet Insurance is a novel idea that not only helps dog and cat owners to pay for vet bills and boarding costs, but it also provides a fund raising component that addresses another issue: Homeless Pets! The RSPCA pet insurance program is a competitively priced health care insurance plan that takes 20% of the premium and uses it to support their homeless pet programs.

In summary, until new homes are found for abused and homeless pets, costs for food, medicine and other essentials require a great deal of financial resources. The RSPCA Pet insurance program is a unique way to help not only pet owners cover their own animals, but assist in funding the costs of supporting the homeless pet population until they find new owners. This is truly a win/win operation that achieves two goals for healthy and happy animals.

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Most pet owners do what they can to provide for their family dog or cat and pet insurance is beginning to become more popular as a way to offset the high cost of vet bills and medication. Unfortunately, getting pet insurance for pre existing conditions is very difficult, if not impossible to find.

Pet insurance is very similar to insuring your spouse and kids for regular checkups or doctor visits when they run into health issues. All pet insurance companies are for profit entities and look to make money and not expose them to high risk by covering animals they know will cost them thousands of dollars for health issues like cancer or other ailments.

However, there are other options that you may be able to pursue to help pay for treatments surgical procedures:

1. If your dog is of a certain breed, there are organizations that may help fund their treatment. Some Labrador owners can find some assistance through agencies such as or

2. Veterinarians may work with you to take payments over a period of time to help you afford the treatment if you cannot afford to bear the burden in one shot and your dog is in need of treatment. They may also be part of the American Animal Hospital Association’s “Helping Pets Fund” and can help find financial assistance if they qualify.

3. Some states provide access to pet friendly programs and other animal agencies through their websites.

In summary, many responsible pet owners will do everything in their power to help their family pet through health issues and disease prevention when at all possible. Unfortunately, pet insurance for pre-existing conditions is not available, however, there are pet friendly programs and organizations that can assist you financially to get your pet healthy again.

Pet Insurance for pre-existing conditions is hard to come by, however you can find pet friendly organizations who may be able to help at

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